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Sell Digital Products Online enables you to connect, communicate and sell directly. Wheather its facebook, whatsapp or snapchat we make sure when you share your product link with any of your friends or followers. They should be able to make purchase with an extreamly streamlined experiance. Just add a product in your store and share the link with your followers.

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How to sell digital products online

Hi you have landed on this page because you want to understand if you can make money online by just selling some digital products well, first of all, I would like to mention few statistics about how you can make money online by selling digital products

 let's first understand Why people use the internet

  1. 82.3% people online use internet for creating their profiles messaging and content sharing via social media
  2. 74.4% people use internet for watching videos online and sharing them
  3. 69.5% people use internet to read news and publications
  4. 65.9% use internet to gather information about health issues
  5. 65.5% use internet to gather more information about services and product

Study shows that total number of internet users in millions has increased by 250% from 2005 to 2017

If you look back in 2005 we know that 1024 million people were using the internet but now as we are in 2018 it's approximately 3600 billion users use internet on daily basis. wow...

Now you must be thinking that it's a BIG BIG opportunity to make money online because if we consider an old-school scenario where that many people are walking on the road then I have more feets to sell shoes to.  I mean it's very simple math the more people you are gathered around the more scope you have to sell different stuff.

Well that is absolutely correct because internet has a huge potential of buyers present online it's the best place to make money and make yourself available to a wider audience.

Now the second thought comes into the mind that what is that one thing I should create as a product and sell it online so that I can make millions on an online store which will be open to the world 24X7.

Let's take a real-life example; when you go to a local market or a mall or a shop and you see an interesting product which resolves a small problem in your life with a fair price. Will you be interested in making a purchase? I mean, to be honest, we all buy stuff online which we even don't need in our life. And something with fare price solving life issues? I will jump over it.  There are products which actually solve small problems of human life for example:

  1. If you see a shoe shop that resolve  problem of feet shelter
  2.  If you see a food shop that resolve  problem of Hunger
  3.  If you see a chocolate shop that resolve a problem of being pampered

I know what you're thinking I'm being stupid here but this is the fact every single product in this world actually solve One small problem.

Now let's say you have decided to create a product.  It might be a gadget or it might be a t-shirt, whatever it is, selling a physical product online is not easy. You have to pack it, ship it and most importantly handle returns.  It's too time-consuming and too many regulations to follow.  So what's the best alternative?  well you can sell digital products for which you don't have to do any packaging any shipping and you can easily manage the Returns.

So the next question is what products are best to sell online. I have drafted a list of 5 products which has been on the top chart of best selling products online.

What products are best to sell online?

  1. eBooks: Without any doubt, ebooks are still holding the first position on the chart. why? because as I mentioned earlier, a huge number of people are looking for knowledge and information online and ebooks are the best piece of information which you can get from a subject matter expert.
  2. Apps: Yes apps hold the second position in the top chart; why? because in recent years smartphones have grown in crazy numbers, which enables humans to have access to millions of app resolving small issues; resulting heavy human interaction with smartphones.  For example you can have an app which actually records the calories you eat every day and tells you how much you should be eating in order to achieve your goal.  A game like Angry Birds, utility app like music player, a messaging app like WhatsApp etc.
  3. Videos: Yes video footage are the third placeholder in the top chart for best selling digital products. Nowadays people love to see on-demand content.  You might be already aware of Netflix udemy and many more website which sells video contents online and satisfying millions of their customers. I mean science has already proven that image and videos are better ways of learning to compare to text and graphs.
  4. Photography: Even though videos are making their way into the modern marketing techniques, Photos and images are still the primary way of expression.  Many photographers are making there living from just doing photography and selling their art online to consumers.  Sometimes it's individuals, sometimes it's marketing agencies, sometimes it's big organizations.  All of them needs fresh pictures and photography for their own needs.
  5. Music: Yes music is still holding the 5th place on the top chart of online products in sales.  There are many companies like iTunes from Apple, Spotify, Savaan etc.  they do their contract with creators, musicians, and composers.  Then they sell those contents to the end consumer at a very affordable price.  you can create your own music but that needs a lot of Talent and lot of luck.  Being superstore in the music industry is really tough. It's a huge competition and too much money is involved. But you can still create your own music album without spending much and spread the word on social media.  You might meet with your luck and become a celebrity overnight.

So now you know which are the top selling 5 digital products people buy online. So let's say you have decided to create one of the products listed above.  The next question is how do you create a digital product?

How do I create a digital product?

So now you need to understand how to create a digital product.  Some people will tell you that; use a template and just play around and launch a new product. Some people will advice just create a music file on GarageBand software on your Macbook and then sell it for a really cheap price.  But this is not actually the point here. Point is you need to understand what people need. What is the market trends and according to that you have to launch your digital product because what's the point of launching a product with no demand?  

There are thousands of digital books online on Amazon which never got even sold once. There are many which may be sold for two-three times because friends and family have to buy them.  And there are many other books which have been sold more than 10000 times, just because people need to know the information available on the books.  So I would say you need to follow a proper strategy to launch a product.  Below I tried to explain how you can decide and launch a new digital product:

Digital product idea: First of all, come up with the digital product idea and validate that idea with unbiased feedback.  Usually, when I want to launch a product I always start my research on Google Trends and uber suggest. Google Trends and search topics will give you an idea of what people are looking for and what they are talking about.  Which will help to understand your customers and they're needs.
The second tool I use to validate my product idea is Google keyword search tool.  With this tool I can easily understand how many people are after my product or in other words; I can say I can research about the keywords which I need to optimize my product. So that people can easily find my product and understand what benefits my product can provide them. This strategy always worked for me because I am following the same old-school rule. “Build the prisons and they will commit the crimes. Brian Spellman”  I mean what is the point of creating something which nobody is going to buy isn't it?

Email subscription:  The second thing I do is create a waiting list for my product; with the help of creating an email subscription form.  This will give you a fairly quick idea of how many people is interested in your product.  And obviously in a passive way you are validating your product need in the market.
I recommend to simply create a landing page or a website and then add a subscription form to it. If somebody is interested in your product and they're ready to give you the email address that means they are convinced enough to actually go through your pitch when you launch a product and potentially will be interested to buy it. “A small list that wants exactly what you are offering is better that the bigger list that isn’t commited - Ramsey Leimenstoll”

Product Launch:  Once you have created a subscription list or a sizable amount of social community you are ready to launch a product.  The number of people who have got interested in your product will bring you a tiny bit of traffic on your website which will motivate you to create your product and make sure the quality is the best. And the important point here is you can use this list of people to promote your product. For example, in 2010 I have created a gadget. I've got 50 users interested in my newsletter subscription to know more about that gadget. These 50 users were my early adaptors. Hence on the first day of launch, I price my product £100 and send an email to all these 50 early birds that I will give you this gadget for free if you share my products details with your review on your social media and send me back the screenshot.  That actually works really good for me because that got viral and by word of mouth and social media I got thousands of people engaging into conversations. Which let to 210 sales on my first launch week.  “Content is fire, social media is gasoline.” - Jay Baer

Get feedback and improve your product: Once you have made your first 100 sales always reach out to your buyers and ask them for their feedback.  This will help you to improvise your product in a way that it will fit better into your end user needs. That's what exactly Google does with all new product launches. Feedback is the key nowadays. I mean big Tech Giants, Pharmaceutical Industries, and traditional consumer goods producers they all use this feedback method to improve their products and deliver more value for money.  It's so successful because the end users feel like all the improvements and additions to the product, has been introduced because of recommendations made.  That makes them feel a part of the product lifecycle. “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.
- Bill Gate”

Now that you're ready with your product let's go and figure out how you can sell your product online.

How can I sell Digital Product online?

There are plenty of ways by which you can sell your digital product online.

Create your own website:  you can create your own website with world-famous CMS like WordPress.  Once you're done with your website you can add your product to it and then attach the checkout with your preferred payment Gateway.  Usually having a WordPress based website with your hosting and domain will cost you somewhere around 60 to £70 a year.  Which I understand that not possible for every online venture.

Just having a website is not enough sometimes because it needs updates, maintenance. If there is a problem or issue on the WordPress website you might need to go to an expert and ask for help.  Which will again incur a cost. So basically you have to do a lot of investment before even making a single sale.

eBay and Amazon:  You can add your digital product on eBay or Amazon and start marketing.  but remember this is a very competitive market place where you have to compete with several other sellers in your niche.  Also, Amazon charges approx 20% and eBay charges around 15% of commission on each sale. These marketplaces actually also charge you to list your products on their portal.

You might get a lot of audience on these marketplaces but consider a situation where you want to buy a digital product and you go to eBay or Amazon what will you do? you will read about it or you will see the feedbacks or rating.  

Well, it's not a physical product isn't it and you will go outside those websites and then search for this product and understand what is the value you are going to get out of it.  Once your research is done then only you will purchase it.  So if you're doing a research for your product online; not on eBay or Amazon then it doesn't actually matter where you are selling your product. What matters is how much you can convince your buyers and how much money you're making on each sale.  Because ultimately you're bringing traffic to your sales page on eBay and Amazon via your own marketing efforts. So the last question comes to the mind is where can I sell my digital product for free.

Where can I sell Digital Product online for free?

As you have understood earlier that setting up your own website incurs you a lot of cost in terms of buying a domain, setting up a website getting hosting etc.  and if you go to eBay or Amazon then you will get charged for even listing your product plus a huge commission on each sale. What will be the best alternative?  Well, is the answer for you. On SDPO you can host your product for free and instantly start selling.  Sell digital products online has thousands of affiliate who will see your product instantly after your listing and start promoting it.  You just have to decide how much percentage of sales you would like to share with those affiliates.  Because the more you choose to share, the more they are encouraged to promote.  And sell digital products online only charge you 5% of your total sales so basically you get to keep a whole 95% to yourself. And for 5% SDPO is charging you got your affiliate system, invoicing, delivery, inventory management, Fund distribution etc. sorted.

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